Call ANYONE at ANYTIME for only R0.35c per minute

As simple as that!

Just REGISTER and use this PREPAID SOLUTION to call or SMS family or friendsĀ on any cellular network in South Africa for R0.35c PER MINUTE anytime DAY OR NIGHT.

No interference with your other Network!


Use the Jam Mobile App when CHEAPER RATES suit YOU!

Easily buy Airtime!

From the ‘Wallet’ option in the app menu there are a range of purchase methods for the user’s convenience.

These include: ATM deposit, banking app payments via Pay@ , Money Market purchases at all major outlets & 1For You Vouchers.

Or download the Jam Mobile App APK File below!

  • No contracts
  • No new SIM card needed
  • Airtime never expires
  • Call more than 55 countries including Botswana, Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya and Nigeria


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